Monday, February 1, 2010

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!

'You Need to Know Your History' is coming up in May and it’s time to start to talking and planning.

Please email us an idea of what you are thinking of making by FEBRUARY 15TH. This idea does NOT have to be set in stone. And if you really don’t know yet please email us anyways so that we know you are still interested in participating.

Please answer these questions in your email:

  1. Loosely (or definitely-whichever the case maybe be), what is your inspiration?
  2. What is the estimated size of the piece you are making?
  3. Do you have any special requests? X-large size, multiple pieces, multi-media…

Please know that we are open to having work in all mediums (photos, drawings, prints, video etc) with the condition that it relate to the GHP historical theme and that we know well in advance so we can plan it in our installation.

FYI- Here are two links, one to an essay written by Sarah Archer, The Reformer and the Potter Should be Friends’ and another to An essay from the Jane Hartsook 25th Anniversary Exhibition Catalogue. Lots of history and inspiration to be found in both. (Click on grey text to open link to essays...)

Meanwhile, here is the Don Reitz quote from which the title of the show was taken, ‘What we’ve forgotten to let people know is why you can do the things you’re doing now. It’s because of the people who came before you. You need to know your history.’

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